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About Us

Who We Are

GASCO was established in 2019 is principally engaged in Design, Supply & Installation of LPG and Fire System Work throughout UAE to become the foremost Company in the Middle East Region. We execute Projects based on All International Standard & Code of Practices, as per the Ministry of Interior Rules & Guidelines.

The company has accreditation of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 140001:2004, OHSAS 45001:2007 and has proven record of effectual services for its design, Supply, Installation, Testing Commissioning of LPG and Fire System.

Mission icon

Our Mission

Gasco’s mission is to offer its customers the highest quality of LPG and Fire System related Services. To Grow our business and extend our market share to earn our customers loyalty and awareness of our capabilities by delivering on time quality projects and gaining customer satisfaction utilizing world class service & Reso.

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Our Vision

To be the sublime company to set benchmark for others to follow in the field of LPG and Fire System Installation.

Reasons to Choose Gasco

Pioneers in Engineering Systems

We are committed to providing outstanding service and being the best gas fitters in the industry. The way we do this is to provide quality workmanship, reliability, and transparent fees. We work hard to maintain good working relationships with our Gold-Coast clients and we are proud to provide our own unique on-time price guarantee.

Innovation & Cost Saving Strategies

At the end of the day cost determines the satisfaction of the customer. We propose feasibility of the gas, quality of the gas to be used for the longevity of utilization, Conversion of the gas system to the most efficient and effective one for existing developments for optimizing the cost in the future run. Authority regulation deemed in usage of certain system on safety perspectives we propose the system viability without compromising the financial necessity.

Health, Safety and Environment Practices

We place health, safety and best environmental practices firmly at the heart of our ethos. It remains at the forefront of our priorities, guiding how we conduct our business and operations. Our concerted efforts to maintain a high level of safety have yielded an improved

Emergency Rapid Response

Our success depends on customer satisfaction and we ensure that we are always available to attend to emergencies 24/7

We think that its our responsibility to give around-the-clock rapid response for gas emergencies Whether you are an existing or a potential new customer, our commitment is to provide you with an emergency rapid response in the best possible way.